The Approach

The human body was honed under conditions that no longer exist, causing us to suffer in body and brain. This book is an antidote to the modern world, with easy and actionable tools to help gain strength, lose fat, detoxify, and de-stress. It combines the latest research across fields, including circadian biology, heart health, toxicology, immunology, psychiatry, fat loss and exercise science to make attaining a healthy, strong, and vibrant body easy.

Key relationships have become fractured today, including our relationship with time, light, food, nature, technology, and activity. This has left us feeling tired, bloated, anxious, frail, and generally unwell. Healing these relationships is key to feeling great, but doing so is more difficult than ever. Not so with the easy steps in The Genius Life. You will be left with countless ways to “hack” the modern environment to suit your individual biology, no matter your life circumstances.

The research is clear: the body and brain can be rejuvenated. The Genius Life is your reset button.

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Max Lugavere

About Max Lugavere

Max Lugavere is no stranger to illness. After his mother was diagnosed with a mysterious form of dementia at the age of 58, he put his successful media career on hold to investigate why. Ten years later, he’s become a leading voice on nutrition. Lugavere has been invited to teach healthcare practitioners for continuing medical education (CME) credit, and has lectured at top academic institutions, including the New York Academy of Sciences and University of Chicago’s Center for Nutrition, Learning, and Memory. As a researcher, he has co-authored peer-reviewed literature, including a clinicians textbook on the science of dementia prevention. His first book Genius Foods became an instant New York Times best-seller, and is now published in 8 languages around the globe.

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What's in it for you?


  • The hidden chemicals to watch out for that may be zapping your energy and scrambling your hormones
  • How to effectively “detox” on your own—no supplements or bogus teas required
  • The houseplants that can help to clean the air in your home, which is often more polluted than outside air!

Look Better

  • How to lose weight and keep it off without counting calories or becoming obsessed with carbs or fat
  • How to make your gym sessions 5x more efficient so that you can actually get more fit in less time
  • The connection between common skin problems and your diet


  • Tricks to harness the power of light for better sleep, with surprising, age-specific advice
  • How to avoid living in a constant state of fatigue, using powerful and achievable insights from circadian biology
  • The specific temperatures to set your thermostat to for optimal sleep and fat burning

Gain Health

  • The nutrients you need to optimize your vitamin D levels (you may not be able to increase your vitamin D without them!)
  • How to correct problems with blood pressure and triglycerides, both of which put your heart and brain at risk
  • Boost your brain for a better memory and less anxiety, stress and depression

And much more!

Disprove Myths

Want to get healthy but tired of wasting your time or spinning your wheels and ending up back where you began? Feel great starting today with tried-and-true strategies, backed by science. No matter your age, you will be able to:
  • Understand the foods that are truly good for you
  • Discover easy ways to stop hunger in its tracks
  • Shrink your belly and gain strength and vitality
  • Slow or prevent memory loss and learn things faster
  • Feel happier and less anxious or stressed out
  • Spot the hidden chemicals that mess with your hormones
  • Reduce your chances of dying early

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